Queen's Bureau of Investigation: the Casebook

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1969-1972   MIKE Mc CALL    To list

Several short stories served as a prelude for the Troubleshooter series. These stories ("Object Lesson," "No Parking," "No
Place to Live," and "Miracles Do Happen") had recently been reprinted in the hardback volume of Q.E.D. and appear to serve as a springboard for more "socially relevant" stories. Why Gil Brewer, author of the Al Mundy series of novels, was chosen to author the first book of the series, and why a different author appears on each volume, may never be known. It appears that the series was to be longer, but Manfred Lee's death in 1972 (shortly before the completion of The Blue Movie Murders) put an end to the series.

Mike McCall was a "Steve McGarrett" sort of figure, except that he had no police force to call on. McCall answered directly to the Governor's office and was the man that Governor Holland sent into a volatile situation; McCall's job was to clean it up. (Frank Daniels)


The Campus Murders (1969)

The Campus Murders - Q.B.I.The co-ed missing from Tisquanto State was the daughter of Governor Sam Holland's rival for re-election -- and best friend. She was Laura Thornton, a human being -- somehow the pawn and victim of angry student upheavals not even the governor understood... Who was behind the terror that had found a focus in Laura's disappearance? It was a case for the governor's special assistant, a two-fisted troubleshooter ... Mike McCall

Ghost-written by Gil Brewer. (Click on the cover to read more...)

 The Black Hearts Murder (1970)

The Black Hearts Murder - Q.B.I.Where is Harlan James? The leader of the militant Black Hearts whose rage, still heard on tape, was edging the city towards interracial terror. Harlan James called for violence -- for black protests, ... against the city's white leaders.
But did he also call for -- or commit -- murder? A prominent white official is shot to death and Mike Mc Call must find the Killer -- or face open racial warfare!

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

The Blue Movie Murders (1972)

The Blue Movie Murders - Q.B.I. Fem Lib and porno pushers make a deadly combination leaving the corpse to prove it. Troubleshooters Mike McCall investigation into the identity of a well-known blue movie director gets crossed by an American feminist movement against the porn industry. Nobody was talking to strangers not even beautiful April Evans, who refused to tell who she was or why she, too, was investigating the murder. 

Ghostwritten by Edward D. Hoch. All of the ghostwritten books were edited and supervised by Lee, except The Blue Movie Murders which was edited and supervised by Dannay after Lee's death. (Click on the cover to read more...)

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