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1961-1969 PAPERBACK ORIGINALS    To list

Pocket Books was also using another Dannay-Lee byline, Barnaby Ross, during the years the 15 titles came out.
Around 1961 they started farming out their work. Not only they rekindled their work for the Ellery Queen Junior series but they also started farming out "paperback originals". While under the Ellery Queen heading these ghostwritten novels were detectives of sorts the Barnaby Ross monicker stood for pseudo-historical stories each set in another historical timeframe. They had nothing to do with the Drury Lane novels of 1932-33. Don Tracy, who frequently published such 'pulp' under his own name, wrote six paperback historical novels. All are harder to find and of the same quality as the non-Queen novels.


Quintin Chivas  (September 1961)

Quintin Chivas - Q.B.I.At eleven he was the leader of a gang of child thieves in teeming fifteenth-century Naples. Without scruples, he had already set his goals. There were only two kinds of people--those at the top who could reach down to give him a hand up, and those at the bottom who were convenient stepping stones. Both kinds he understood perfectly. But neither understood him--until it was too late!"

Historical novel of 15th century Naples, Italy. The story of an 11 year old boy from the slums and what all he did to achieve a life of luxury. (Click on the cover to read more...)


The Scrolls of Lysis  (December 1962)

The Scrolls of Lysis - Q.B.I.Myrrha was silent except for an occasional obscenity directed at poor Limon as we staggered to their apartment and into the bedroom where we let our sodden burden fall onto the wide couch. She was silent, too, as she turned to face me, then reached up to unfasten the pin that held her chiton and undergarments. They fell in a pool at her feet.

Set in ancient Greece circa 394 B.C. where Thamus, a smart teenage scholar with a deformed foot lives on the island of Gyarus. His old teacher Lysis is an exiled wiseman who has has been writing some serious prophecies onto scrolls which only ... (Click on the cover to read more...)


The Duke of Chaos  (April 1964)

The Duke of Chaos - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 6232 , April 1964Wallenstein was a military genius, though for most of his life fate conspired against his career. Convinced that his future had been ordained by the stars, he employed as a personal astrologer a charlatan who was secretly in the pay of his worst enemies. He sought women, or perhaps it was the other way around, in much the same way that he sought martial glory. But he had an absolute genius for choosing the wrong ones.
He married several large fortunes, yet dissipated them and died almost penniless. But he lived his life to the hilt -- in the pursuit of military spoils and the pleasures of the flesh. It is perhaps debatable at which he was the more adept.
He was a soldier of fortune, one of the best. They called him the Duke of Chaos.


Strange Kinship  (August 1965)

Strange Kinship - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 50493, August 1965 (1st)A wounded Confederate Officer comes from war to a time of violence and horror. I walked every step of the way, wounded leg and all. For some the fall of Vicksburg was merely another in a long series of reversals, but for me it was the end of a senseless struggle that had forever soured me on the glories of even a gallant war.
What would I find when I got home to Great Bay, the land that I loved razed by a merciless foe, a town peopled only by ghosts? I'd once had a prospering cotton shipping business, would the Union gunboats have blasted it out of the river? And what of my best customer, the arrogant Franeau, and his jewel of a young wife, Lavinia, whom I secretly coveted though she scarcely knew I even existed? Would I still find her ensconced in Bocage de Chene, the loveliest plantation along the entire lenght of the river clear to New Orleans? No doubt Franeau would have found a way to collaborate with the Yankees, saving his aristocratic hide and every last one of his numerous dollars. ... But if I'd known the grotesque horror that lay before me, I'd have happily turned back into the jaws of hell!


The Cree From Minataree  (December 1965)

The Cree from the Minataree - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 50200, December 1965.Five men deep in the wilderness. Behind them lay what civilization there was to be found in New France. Ahead, though only one of them was aware of it, lurked one of the most bloodthirsty tribes in all of the Great Lakes area. Their mission was to chart and explore unknown territory -- and only four would return. Who would be left behind?
The leader of the expedition, the Frenchman named Daniel Greysolon, the one all Indians respectfully called Duluth? The half-breed, Arnaud Brulé, the best scout in alle the New World, though his father had been the traitor who betrayed France to the British?
Jean Golieur, run out of Paris as an enemy of the Crown, who was more at home in a court boudoir than in the wilderness? The fat one from the slums of Paris, Charles Pepon, cutthroat, purse snatcher, murderer? Or Duluth's young, spoiled and pampered brother, Claude, a womanizer who hated all savages, save for the one in whose arms he found temporary surcease.


The Passionate Queen  (June 1966)

The Passionate Queen - cover pocket book edition, Pocket Book N° 50497, June 1966.The Passionate Queen: Margaret Of Anjou. The novel of a determined woman's fierce struggle to protect the crown of England.
The Queen came to her loyal chevalier, Jean Bouton of Chinon, in the midst of battle.
"I swear to you, Jean," she said, "all I've done I did first for Henry's good an then my son's."
"We all know that," Jean said, "even your enemies."
"They do?" she asked. "They call me Captain Marguerite and say I use my body to enslave men so they'll obey my terrible commands."
Margaret moved closer to the pallet where Jean lay, her hands at the fastening of her robe.
"Ah, Jean," she whispered, "help me to forgot all this blood and treachery, just for this one night. Forget you're a wounded knight-at-arms and I'm the queen. Now, right now, we're young and hot for love and so we do this and this and this..."

Scott Meredith’s deal with Pocket Books had run its course, he moved the ghosted Queens to two other publishers at the same time.
Popular Library
contracted to publish a new series (1966-1968) with c
ontinuing characters and Dell taking over the non-series titles along the lines of the original fifteen... apparently without much success, for the line was dropped after three titles the last one Kiss and Kill (1969) overlapping the contract with Popular Library ...

Losers, Weepers (July 1966)

Losers, Weepers - Q.B.I.One hundred thousand dollar misunderstanding. Some men retire one a hundred grand - or buy their wives mink coats with days of the week sewn in the lining... or fly to Rio for a good cup of coffee - but not Jim Morgan. Jim had a hundred thousand all right - neatly packed in stacks of fifties - only someone had made an expensive mistake. A mistake that put him on the run for his money - as well as his life...

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

Shoot the Scene (November 1966)

Shoot the Scene - Q.B.I.Joe Maddox was one of moviedom's most
successful producers. But could he produce
$ 200 000 in time to save his wife, his scriptwriter and his leading lady? They didn't know, all three were held at gunpoint in a deserted California beach house, but they'd find out, one way or another...

Ghost-written by Richard Deming.
(Click on the cover to read more...)

Kiss and Kill (1969)

Kiss and Kill - Q.B.I.The nice mild man named Edward Tollman had a problem. His lovely wife was missing, and he wanted her back -- fast. So he went to a fellow whose specialty was solving problems like that -- a very private detective called Barney Burgess. But after four quick corpses, a wild ride to Mexico, and a blonde sex bomb who threatened to blow the case wide open at the first wrong move, Barney began to wonder how such a nice guy got him into something this nasty....

Ghostwritten by Charles W. Runyon . (Click on the cover to read more...) 

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