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1966-1968   TIM CORRIGAN    To list

Serials have an extra appeal, which surely Manfred understood, as he approached Talmage Powell in 1965 with the idea
for a six books series about Tim Corrigan.
This Manhattan police captain was a Korean veteran with an eye patch as constant reminder. Again it was Lee who explained the basic idea and Powell indicated it was "more a collaboration than a ghosting assignment". The deal was struck with Popular Library and partially overlapped the deal with Dell.
When Powell's other writing assignments prevented him from continuing the series Richard Deming was approached. Familiar with ghostwriting and working with Lee he wrote the four remaining novels.
As Deming stated before his dead in 1983 "Fred Dannay wasn't involved and I think he wouldn't have agreed with the books themselves. He let Manfred handle these contracts in order to focus on his one true passion: EQMM."


Where is Bianca? (1966)

Where is Bianca? - Q.B.I. Is the lovely young heiress hiding somewhere among the shiny steel towers of Manhattan? Or is she the horribly mutilated corpse hauled up from the sewers of the city? Captain Timothy Corrigan, the cool cop with the eye-patch sets out to solve the puzzle - and finds himself playing a fantastic game of hide-and-seek in a glittering world where everything is make-believe, except sudden, shocking death.

Ghost-written by Talmage Powell (Click on the cover to read more...)

Who Spies, Who Kills? (1966)

Who Spies Who Kills? - Q.B.I.Corrigan didn't make a sound. He sneaked towards some poplars when barking made his hair stand to an end. With a catlike jump he turned. It was a German shepherd. The dog came running towards him. In the moonlight the animal looked like a bear. His yellow eyes lit up and his teeth glistened. Corrigan knew right away his opponent was a killer.

Ghost-written by Talmage Powell. (Click on the cover to read more...) 

 Why So Dead? (1966)

Why So Dead? - Q.B.I.Abdul Raj , legendary sultan, loaded with priceless gems was discovered very dead. All the exotic characters gathered in the hotel suite were suspect, but only one had violently dispatched the Sultan to paradise and made off with a certain priceless ruby... and it was up to Captain Tim Corrigan. The eye-patched detective with the knack for murderous situations plunges into the wildest, farthest-out caper of his career.

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

How goes the Murder? (1967)

How goes the Murder - Q.B.I.The crowd cheered as the candidate made his way to the speaker's platform. A shot rang out, the candidate clutched at his chest, screamed and fell dead. It was a pretty kettle of fish for Tim Corrigan. The suspect included the candidate's widow, his handsome bodyguard, and a breathtaking young thing with every reason to want the candidate dead. And pretty soon Corrigan himself was a candidate - for murder.

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

Which Way to Die? (1967)

Which way to Die? - Q.B.I.They are two brilliant madmen who think killing is fun. A freak of the law has set them free, and now some hidden killer, acting as judge, jury, and executioner, threatens.
Enter Tim Corrigan, assigned to protect the pair against the fatal harvest of their own violence.
Very soon, Corrigan takes their place on the deadly spot.

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

What's in the Dark? (1968)
aka When Fell the Night

What's in the Dark? - Q.B.I.This killer is an expert. He has climbed ten stories in the Manhattan blackout, found and dispatched his victim amidst the men and women trapped in the building. The night drags on. Nerves wear
thin and inhibitions disappear. Anyone, including
a beautiful secretary with a yen for eye-patched Tim Corrigan, could be the lurking killer. Suddenly, out of the dark, a deadly hand strikes at Corrigan....

Ghost-written by Richard Deming. (Click on the cover to read more...)

While continuing the title format of the Tim Corrigan series the hero in the second Lancer entry was called Peter Brook. It
wasn't part of the deal with Popular Library. As we come near the end of the era of ghosted Queens Lancer Books, a much smaller paperback publisher took over where Popular Library had left off.  It had made one other contribution prior to this entry: A Study in Terror (1966), partially ghosted but which had enough of Ellery Queen's hand in it to place in the main body of work ...

Guess Who's coming to Kill You? (1968)
              aka Guess Who's Going to Kill You ?

Guess who's coming to kill you - Q.B.I.Alex - come on over, and bring your secrets with you... That was FACE's pitch to the would-be defector, and it got results. Witness one hell of a nice courier slashed and dumped in a Tokyo alley. Maybe agent Pete Brook could make jolly Alex's dream come true. Except what did Krylov really long for in America - wine, women and song...or a dramatic return to the murderer's trade?

Ghost-written by Walt Sheldon. (Click on the cover to read more...)

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