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November 2. 2022- Wanted: Ellery Queen books, coverscans, articles, radioshows...

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Questions on Ellery Queen

1) Biographies of actors and actresses

"List of Suspects" focuses on the recurring characters in the Ellery Queen books and the actors who have been known to play them either on radio, theater, television or the movies. You may have noticed that this section is not complete. Indeed some in-depth bio's are still missing. Helen Lewis  -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...Strange how it may seem this is not due to the fact that the actual information is missing. Just the way the pages are conceived. I basically need four things: the biographical information, a good "large" picture, some smaller pics... and some time. In most cases the lack of a good clear (large) picture is the reason why the actor or actress misses out on his/hers own in-depth page (which can be reached, in the section, by clicking on their picture).
Helen Lewis, the actress who played Nikki Porter for a short while, turned out to be an exception to the rule. There were absolutely no pages or articles on the net who even had a small bio on Helen. Based on several articles in magazines and papers I was able to compile a "biography". Although I'm quiet satisfied with the result, Helen's (basic) personal information is not complete. You could call this a challenge to the reader... I most certainly would.  

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For the actors below additional info, photo material is welcome ...
(just point to see their names, click to see the current information...).

Barbara TerrellCharlotte KeaneHoward CulverPeter LawfordHerb ButterfieldWade Boteler
Harry Morgan
Sydney SmithLee PhilipsDonald CookGuy UsherEddie Quillan
Bill OwenHoward SmithEd LatimerGeorge MathewsAlan ReedBill Zuckert
Tom ReeseRobert StraussCharles LaneArthur AllenLawrence DobkinRichard Coogan

2) Ellery Queen Tv series "The Adventure of The Disappearing Dagger".

In this episode a lengthy shot is made of a plaque which reads:

 Screenshot from Ellery Queen's 'The Adventure of The Disappearing Dagger'

Connecticut State Historical
Society Marker N°609
Village Green

On this site May 12. 1778, a gallant
band of colonial militia, led by
Col.Nathan 'Old Ironbeak' Shay,
were massacred by a platoon of
British regulars and sixty three
Pottawomotock Indians.

It doesn't connect to the plot and Google did not find any of these "facts" or "names"... An inside joke then?
Any hints or comments are welcome!

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3) Pamphlet "How to Read the Queen Stories"

There is a footnote on page 326 of the original printing (it's in the final chapter) of The Egyptian Cross Mystery. This footnote indicates that the first printing of The Greek Coffin Mystery contained a pamphlet entitled "How to Read the Queen Stories". The copies of The Greek Coffin Mystery ...

So if you have this pamphlet, we'd be more than delighted with a scanned version ...

After a question by Jonathan B. Keeney December 1.2008

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4) Pastiches

I've only just looked into the pastiches, parodies made.
Several authors tried their hands on a Queen story with enjoyable results... perhaps you have such a story lying about...  tell us about it...

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