List of possible suspects

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Production men would have been the term at the time. It is true that there were almost no women in production.
Actresses abound, but so not as many production women as opposed to production men. This was especially true in radio and early TV productions. Composers, announcers, directors, producers, writers ... . Filling in the biographies of some of these individuals is often even more difficult than it was for actors. While from actors often small or large parts of information can be found, this is almost non-existent for them. For others, fairly complete biographies exist online with little to add.

George J. Zachary -- CLICK FOR MORE -- ...Worked on radio showGeorge J. Zachary Jun 1. 1911 - May 8. 1964

Prolific radio and TV director producer... who originated in 1939 the radio series of  Ellery Queen, he would later made the transition to TV work. Was married for a while to Nikki Porter actress Marion Shockley ... (click on picture for more)

Worked on EQ tv-showAlbert K. McCleery  (Dec 30. 1911 – May 13. 1972)
Pioneering TV producer who, after working on the legendary "Matinee Theater" programs for NBC, directed "The Further Adventures of Ellery Queen" (1958-59) with George Nader and Lee Philips in the main role.
Worked on radio show Ernest Chappell  (June 10, 1903 - July 4, 1983)
American radio announcer and actor, he served as announcer on several radio programs, specifically on "The Adventures of Ellery Queen"
Worked on EQ tv-showHelene Hanff (April 15, 1916 – April 9, 1997)
best known as the author of the book 84, Charing Cross Road. When network television production geared up in New York City in the early 1950s, Hanff found a new career writing and editing scripts for many early television dramas. Chief among these was the Dumont Network series "The Adventures of Ellery Queen".
Worked on radio showLyn Murray  (August 13, 1909 – May 20, 1989)
Composer, conductor, and arranger of music for radio, film and television.
Worked on radio showBernard Herrmann  (June 29, 1911 – December 24, 1975)
American composer and conductor started out in radio and TV to move on to movies as one of America's most prominent film composers.  He composed the "Queen Mystery Theme" for CBS radio in 1939. He also wrote the music for the first five episodes. Fortunately, Herrmann written scores survive.
Worked on radio showCharles Paul (August 23, 1902 - September 18, 1990)
American composer and organist, most known for his musical accompaniment on radio and television. Originally providing musical accompaniment to such old-time radio programs as "The Adventures of Ellery Queen" and others, he transitioned to television in the 1950s.
Worked on EQ tv-showIrving Pincus (March 14, 1914 – May 13, 1984)
Film and television writer, director and producer. Pincus's first directing had occurred in 1950 and 1951 in two episodes of the original Dumont network version of "The Adventures of Ellery Queen."
Worked on EQ tv-showNorman Pincus (March 27, 1906 – Oct 30, 1978)
He was a producer and production manager, known for "The Real McCoys" (1957), "General Electric Summer Originals (1956) and "The Adventures of Ellery Queen." (1950).
Appeared in EQ movieLarry Darmour (1895–1942)
American film producer, operator of Larry Darmour Productions from 1927, and a significant figure in Hollywood's Poverty Row. Was the producer for the first film series of Ellery Queen movies.
Worked on radio showRex Koury (March 18, 1911 - May 29. 2006)
Conductor, pianist/organist, and composer
Worked on EQ tv-showRex Marshall (January 10, 1919 - March 9, 1983)
Announcer and program host. He announced 47 episodes of Dumont's "The Adventures of Ellery Queen" (1950-52)
Worked on EQ tv-showRichard Levinson (Aug 7. 1934 - March 12, 1987)
American screenwriter and producer who often worked in collaboration with William Link. They co-created and sometimes produced such TV series as "Mannix" in 1968, "Columbo" in 1969, "Ellery Queen", and "Murder, She Wrote" (co-created with Peter S. Fischer).
Worked on EQ tv-showWilliam Link (Dec 15. 1933 - Dec 27, 2020)
American film and television screenwriter and producer who often worked in collaboration with Richard Levinson. They co-created and sometimes produced such TV series as "Mannix" in 1968, "Columbo" in 1969, "Ellery Queen", and "Murder, She Wrote" (co-created with Peter S. Fischer).


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